How To Position Your Speakers To Get The Best Sound

Sound systems have evolved a lot over the past decades, and if you are a big movie fan or you are passionate about video games and you want to take your virtual experience to the next level, then you surely know how important it is to invest in state of the art, high-end audio. However, part of the sound quality is given by the placement of the system, as setting up a high-performance home theater system does involve strategic placement. Here you will find several hints on how to position your speakers to get the best sound from your hi fi audio or home theatre setup in Hamilton:

1. Select The Right Room To Begin With 

If there is one thing that is more important than the quality of the audio system, that is the acoustics of the room. It is paramount to install your audio system in a room with great acoustics, as this will serve as the foundation of your sounding system.

Try to avoid rooms that contain glass additions, tiles or any other hard surfaces, as they reflect the sound and they serve as a poor listening environment. Opt for a room with soft furnishings, cloth furniture, drapes and such (ideally your living room), but if that is not possible yet you are truly committed to getting the best out of your audio system, you can always consider an acoustic treatment for you room.

2. The Subwoofer Is The Most Important Part Of Your Audio System

One of the main reasons why people are unable to get the best out of their audio systems is because they ignore the subwoofer, when it is actually the easiest speaker to place. In a nutshell, the subwoofer sends an omnidirectional signal, and for this reason you must avoid placing it in corners or very close to walls. 

3. Place The Speakers For The Best Sounding Midrange

Speaker placement is an art, and there are several variables that you must take into account when placing them around your home, such as the standing waves or the resonant mode of the room. These two factors can either amplify the frequencies of the speakers (thus maximising the quality of the sound), or they can attenuate them. That being said, make sure to place the speakers in all the four corners of the room, facing the center of the room. Leave a three-inch distance between the speakers and the wall, just to reduce the reflections that come from the hard surfaces. 

4. Try To Place The Speakers At Ear Level 

Another very useful tip is to make sure that the high frequency cone that comes with the speaker box is at the ear level, as ear-level speakers often have the highest performance.

5. Hire A Professional To Help You
No matter if you want to give your room a full acoustic treatment or to invest in high-end equipment, it is highly recommended to hire a professional sound technician to give you a helping hand. There are audio technicians in Hamilton who can help you choose the best h i fi audio in Hamilton (one that matches both the specs of your room and your expectations), and the most suitable home theatre systems in Hamilton, so you can truly turn one of your rooms into a personal cinema!